Today we drove out to the Reggia di Venaria for the art exhibition of all the masters of italian art, which was held in the stables of the palace.   To celebrate the 150 years of italian unification, the palace has brought together art from all the regions of italy.

The pieces that impressed me the most were those that showed what life was like hundreds of years ago, especially the painting of the Ambassador of Venice visiting Rome.  Spectacular.

And then there were the papal hats from 1500.   The bling on those things.   Unbelievable.   The sapphires, the diamonds, the emeralds.  Huge.  And lots of them.  Amazing.

But what stopped me in my tracks was the painting by Leonardo da Vinci of Christ.   It was three-quarters of the way through the exhibition.     I stopped, realised what the painting was, and looked back at all the art that I had passed until that point and realised that there was absolutely no security covering the exhibition – no cameras, no guards, no laser lights warning people that they are too close.   Interesting.



In some parts  of the exhibition, they had mirrors on the floor, so that you walked around the corner and the art was literally at your feet.