Yesterday we took a day trip to Lake Geneva.  It was beautiful.

Except, stopped at a cafe for a cappuccino, to be served a cappuccino topped with cream.  What the???  Anyhooo….when in Geneva, do as the Genevians do….

Stopped at Evian and stumbled on an art exhibition of paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Canaletto, etc, etc.  Beautiful.


On the way back to Chaminox, we took the back roads through to alps and came across people harvesting their grapes.   Because the slopes are so steep, they use a helicopter to pick up the grape crates and ferry them to the bottom of the slope.  You need to note the proximity of the electricity cables to the helicopter – I couldn’t watch.  That plus the fact that our car – and all the other cars stopped to watch – were parked on the edge of the road, ie.  there’s no shoulder, so traffic had to take turns passing by all the parked cars stopped to gawk at the helicopter.  I was just waiting for some distracted driver to drive into the back of one of the parked cars and knock us all down the mountain side.

Last night, had our last french meal.   Was fabulous.  Except, I ordered a Grand-Marnier Crepe.   Shit, that thing was potent.  I couldn’t eat it.   So ate Michael’s instead, which was much nicer.

The view this morning (9am) of Mont Blanc from our regular coffee shop:










Now we are waiting for our laundry to be finished in the non-self service, self-service laundry mat, downstairs in our hotel !!   We got up early to go do our laundry before we check-out this morning.

At 8:00am this morning, we went downstairs to the laundry mat.  No-one else around, but two machines already busy washing clothes.  So we read the instructions and then stuffed two washing machines full of our clothes.   Only to find the control board telling us that those two machines were out of service.   Great, just great.   So then, we couldn’t get the doors of the machines open again with all our clothes stuck inside.   How friggin’ handy is that !!!

So, we noticed that it takes 30 mins for a load to be completed, so we waited until the people using the other machines returned for their washing.

Later, this french lady comes tearing into the laundry mat – and of course, doesn’t speak english……She informed me that she is the only one that can do the washing, and that it will cost us 20 Euro and take her two hours.   Given that we have no alliterative laundry mats, and we wanted to check out in an hour, we had no choice.   So, now a 30min self-service wash, will take the laundry lady 2 hrs.  Jeezzzus.