The Committee has asked me to issue a correction to our blog, saying that the impression left of Bologna was unfair.  So here goes –  10 great features of Bologna:

1.  Shopping – we both have some beautiful new clothes.

2.  Bolognese culture and food – had a fabulous tortelloni con fungi porcini last night.

3.  The Pinoteca Nazionale – fabulous artwork from Giotto in 1300 through to Rafaello in 1600.  Amazingly beautiful.

4. Our italian Wi-Fi working properly.

5. All the locals out walking in the hot evening.

6.  Jazz bands playing in every street late at night

7.  Lots of “how to cook italian classes” in Bologna

8.  Full of students – Bologna claims to have one of the world’s oldest Universities.   And  lots of student demonstrations about the italian budget cuts.

9. Lots of bikes and electric cars.

10. Shops staying open really, really late.