Drove from Bologna to Siena today – normally about a 3 hr drive.   But our trip took 5 and a half hours because we detoured to San Gimignano for handbags and to go to the bakery for brutti ma buoni biscotti.    That bakery is amazing.  Sacher torte and cappuccino for lunch.   Beautiful.  Now that’s how lunch should always be 🙂

Parking in San Gimignano was crazy.  Of course, we chose a Sunday to visit.

But not as crazy as it was in Siena…..because wouldn’t you now it, but we arrived right in the middle of a regional soccer game – Juventus and Siena – and our hotel is right next to the soccer oval.   Had to navigate through closed roads, and roads full of cars double-double parked, i.e. side-by-side on the centre line in the street, as well as parking along the side of the street, and those notorious one-way streets, and some police telling us we couldn’t go where we wanted to go.  Handy one.

Finally made it to the street of our hotel, where we crashed into a crowd barrier.   I couldn’t help but start laughing….which, as you can imagine, didn’t go down well.

The soccer fans are crazy.   I was nervous that we would still be navigating through the streets when the game finished. The police presence was incredible.