In italy, there is a chain of road-side restaurants called, Autogrill.   The best ones are so big, that they hover over 6 lane autostrade.

I love them, especially the ones over the super-stradas.    They have everything that you could ever want, when travelling – a cafe for coffee and croissant, then there’s a sandwich bar, and then there’s the restaurant with every pasta, and roast and contorni (side dish), and dessert, and maps, and formaggio (cheese), and proscuitto, and mortadella, and fancy-dressed italians (mean very confidently wearing purple lacoste t-shirts, with orange jeans, and white runners), germans with their comfortable sandals, its goes on and on.

During this trip to Italy, i’ve noticed, though, that they have all converted their shade-cloth coverings in the car park – to keep customers’ cars cool – to solar panels.   Check this out –

I’ve actually I’ve noticed a lot of solar farms in Italy, on this trip.   They are everywhere.

Right after I took this photo (above), Michael was gaffing around, shifting stuff in the backseat of the car, and I was just watching people go by…..when I see an Audi station wagon reverse smack-bang into the side of a little quartro Mercedes.   Shit it hit it hard, cause I saw the whole Mercedes rock back and forth, and at first couldn’t work out why it was rockin’.

And the best thing was, that the Audi driver told the Mercedes driver that she was stupid to pause where she did, told her to shift her car or he’d drive right over the top of it,  then drove off.   The Mercedes driver was dumbfounded.    Shit, I laughed.   What a classic move by an italian:  “if you’re stupid enough to pause behind me, then you get what you get.”