We’ve arrived in Sperlonga two days earlier than originally planned.   After days and days of gran caldo (heatwave), can you believe it, but today is cold and its blowing a gale.

Nunzia retired last year and she looks fantastic for it.   Slim and beautifully tanned after a long, hot summer.   She’s been under l’ombrello whilst Franco has been running the bar at the beach restaurant.

She made the most fabulous feast tonight.   We’ve been eating for hours.  I had to refuse dessert tonight….so that gives you some idea of how much I’ve eaten !!

I’m still awake here and its just past midnight – I’m thinking its because of all the espresso con grappa that we had before our passegiata (walk) through town prior to starting dinner tonight.


Tomorrow the agenda is sleeping in, late breakfast, then down to the beach where the hot weather is forecast to return.   Then another family dinner with Zia Giuseppina (who is an absolute scream) and her son, Anthonio, from Fondi who are driving down to Sperlonga.

Then the night after that…. another family dinner, in Latina this time, where we will visit Damiana, Roberto, Chiara and Alessandro.  Overnight in Latina, and then on to Le Marche….where more eating will be done !!!