Greetings from Rome !!

We are now on the home stretch – 4 days in Rome before hitting the airway on Tuesday lunchtime.

Have had a very interesting first night in Rome.

Sat down at a bar across the road to sample aperitivi.  The bar was on a corner of two one way streets.

Anyhoo,  this black people mover car pulls up, parks in the middle of the street (no other car could get past, because of course its a one way street, with cars already parked both sides of the street) and 6 seriously gigantic black american guys jump out, in black suits, with sunglasses on, and start talking into their sleeves.  We both look at each other and think, what the f**k.

Police then turn up.

Then a largish, white mini bus pulls up, with shaded windows, but with down lights inside.

The security guys then start pacing up and down the street, talking to the police about the street.

Turns out they were complaining that they wanted the street cleared so that the minibus could get through.

That was never going to happen.  There was no way there was enough room for the minibus to turn the corner into that street.

Cars behind the minibus start honking their horns, over and over and over and over.

Meanwhile, I’m sipping my campari and side and michael’s drinking his beer, and everybody is looking at the black guys and the white mini bus….and Michael yells out:  Its Madonna.   Idiot.  Idiot.

But some nearby Americans thought it was funny, though.

Anyhoo, there were paparazzi at the end of the little one way street and a massive crown.   Massive.  So I walk down to find out who is arriving.    Couldn’t find out, so walked back down the street to Michael and my campari and soda.

Arrive at our table on the pavement to see the mini-bus do a u-turn in one of Rome’s narrowest streets and am told that its Cory somebody, the highest earning basketballer in the world, earning $70 million per a year, and I – very Australian-like go – “Who???  Who the hell is he???”.

So when the minibus finally finishes its 589-point turn into the street to his adoring fans waiting at the end of the street, Michael starts pretending to dunk a basketball.   How embarrassing.

After dinner, walked through the streets of Rome.  Very hot tonight, and lots of people out and about.  As always, I’ve already been stalked by hawkers and gypsies.   Jezzzus.

Get back to our hotel and the walls are shaking.  How funny.  One of Rome’s most popular music/bars is in our hotel.   Our friends who are staying here are gonna hate that – because they moved rooms today because the road outside our window is too noisy.  Man, what are the chances that their new room facing the courtyard captures all the noise from the nightclub.

Anyhoo, I’ve never seen so much botox and tiny 6 butts squeezed into size 4 jeans all in one room.   The price of the handbags in that room alone would save all the children in Sudan.    I wanted to take a photo to show you all – but too “Cooma” of me to do so in that crowd.   I has to be seen to be believed.   Michael’s comment:   no economic downturn being felt by this crowd.

Arrivaderci for now,







Friends that we are travelling with are not happy with the noise in the rooms.