Hi everybody,

Its now 1am and we are sitting at Singapore Airport.   Just had the best shower….since leaving home four weeks ago.   Travel can be “challenging” sometimes.  I’ve seen it bring out the worse in some people, especially at airports.   For me, I’m (usually) happy as long as I have a clean hotel room, doesn’t matter how old it is, and cereal for breakfast.   Everything else can go up/downhill from there, but I’m happy.

Rome has terrible internet links, so I haven’t been able to update my blog.   Here’s a quick summary of the past few days –

Dinner with Gianni and Ada, Enzo and Paula, in the gold house:

Aperitivi each evening, watching the beautiful people go by in Piazza del Popolo (Emperor Nero is buried underneath here, and our hotel is just 20 meters down this road) –

When we again walked past Michael’s former office at the Banco di Santo Spirito in Rome, I made him go up and knock on the door to be asked in –

This is via del Corso on a Sunday afternoon.   It is packed, absolutely packed with tourists and shoppers.  This was early in the day; by lunchtime it was crazy –

So we usually head for the side streets.  On the right-handside is the local hospital emergency dept (no signs….as always) –

More evening drinks – this time in the Galleria near the Trevi Fountain, Zara, and La Feltrinelli bookshop (my favourite) –


Our hotel courtyard in the centre of Rome –

And that’s it.   The four-week tour is over….until next….year?

See you all soon.